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International Checklist

International Checklist

1. Passport (with more than 6 months left until it expires). Some countries will not let you visit if your passport is about to expire. Make copies of your I.D, passport, bank records, travel schedule, etc. and leave one copy with an emergency contact and take the other with you if you lose your information.

2. Visa (some countries require a visa before you can enter) others give you a visa on arrival.

3. Register with your embassy. When you register with you embassy it gives them a count of how many of their citizens are abroad in case of a natural disaster or attacks on foreigners.

4. Tickets (train, plane, boat)

5. A small travel bag that has toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, nail clippers

6. Pocket size card of medical records in case you require special care

7. A backpack so you can carry items in your bag without people knowing what you have. I suggest you get a shoulder messenger bag in order to keep your eye on it at all times. When you carry a backpack, it’s hard to see whose walking behind you or if your backpack is being unzipped without your knowledge. A common trick of thieves is to have one person bump into you while the other thief unzips or rips your backpack with a knife (these thieves are very good at what they do) but if you have a messenger bag, you can keep your hands on your bag the entire time.

8. Emergency numbers of police, ambulance, or your embassy

9. A voltage converter. Most countries outside of the United States of America use 220V or higher. U.S.A uses 110v & 120v. A voltage converter allows you to change the voltage from 220v to 110v or 120v. This is a called a step down converter. You can also change the voltage from 110v to 220v. This is called a step up converter. When you purchase a converter, it usually has the step up and step down options. A voltage converter is necessary because if the wrong voltage is inputted or outputted, your electronic device may overheat and blow up. In some cases, you can cause a fire.

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10. Wall outlet converter. Wall outlets are different depending on the country you are visiting. It is important to carry a universal adapter in your travel bag so you can plug-in your device to any outlet. A voltage converter is different from an adapter because an adapter merely allows you to plug-in our device. It does not affect the voltage power of your device.

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11. A way to contact your loved ones (Skype, Google Voice, Social media, international phone, magic jack, what’s app (App that allows you to contact anyone in any country that has the app. All you need is to download the app and the country code of the telephone number you want to reach. App works with 3G or higher and Wi-Fi)

12. Open an account with bank that has no international or domestic bank fee’s (Schwab, ally bank) are two that I know of far and they great customer service. I remember losing my card in Singapore and they sent me a new one within 3 days.

13. Notify your bank that you will be traveling abroad so they don’t cancel your purchases or freeze your account. Some banks may have agreements with ATM companies and as a result you will not get charged. Check the back of your bank cards for names such as Interlink, Plus, or Cirrus. Some ATM’s will be marked with those common names, if so; your bank might have an agreement with those ATM companies. Check with your bank, most of this information can be found at the bank website.

14. Notify your insurance company that you will be traveling abroad. Get a list of what they will cover for health reasons. Some insurance companies will not cover you if you get hurt overseas.

15. A packed suitcase or carry-on bag

16. A travel log on a notepad

17. A net book computer or tablet with Wi-Fi (better to travel light)

18. A smart phone with Wi-Fi

19. International drivers license (AAA usually offers an international license for a small price)

20. Get ready to have a great time!


Listed above are a few items that I thought were important to do or have. If you know of anything else that I should put on the list, please let me know and I will update this article. Pictures in this article were taken from Bing and Google.com. Featured picture is from a trip to Bali Indonesia. Follow this blog and pass it on to your friends.



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