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Great streets to visit in Panama City

While in Panama City, to maximize your stay, I suggest you check out some of the great streets to visit in Panama City. Although Panama City is big, like most places, some streets have more character than others. These were the area’s that piqued my interest the most while I wast staying in Panama City.

Via Argentina

Via Argentina is a great place to visit because it has a lot of restaurants, hotels, bars,hostels, shops, and the widely visited statue of Einstein. The Restaurants have a variety of authentic cuisines. Most of them have outside seating so you can enjoy yourself while looking at your surrounding, If you feel like exercising, Via Argentina has a big park for you to play basketball, run, walk your dog, and have a good time.

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Avenue Balboa is a great because it has the nice fish market. Off the side of the streets you can find lots of street markets to do some bargain shopping. The locals know enough English for you to bargain your price. The street food in the area great as well. You can get some nice fruit drinks as you walk down and bargain for the best deals.

Amador Causeway

Amador Causeway is great place to catch the sunset or sunrise. When you get off the highway heading to the deeper parts of the causeway, they have a club to the right of the street, as you continue down, you will notice benches to sit and enjoy, a nice open sidewalk, nice restaurants, and shopping centers. If you look towards the city, you get a great view of the Panama City Skyline. This place can be very romantic in the evening.

Amador Causeway

Calle Uruguay

Calle Uruguay, is the most popular place for young people to visit. The street is filled with clubs and bars that are open till 4am. Be ready to pay anywhere between $5-15 to get to some of the better clubs and bars in the area. They have street vendors selling food like chicken, rice, fruit, and diners for people who want to sit down and relax.

Avenue Central

Avenue Central is another great street. You can find great bargains on clothing that you wouldn’t normally see in the mall. If your phone is broken, you can go to any street technicians to get it fixed. While I was in Panama, I dropped my phone in water, and one of the technicians was able to repair it. If you walk down avenue central it will lead you to Casco Viejo. In Avenue Central you will see how the locals interact with one another. The items in the area are not high-end products, but they are quality products. If you want to practice your negotiating skills. this is the place to be. You can buy great street food and get a feel of how the locals shop and make money.

Avenue central Avenue Central Avenue Central

Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo is the old historical part of Panama City. You walk through any of the streets and you will notice something brand new. The old city is preserved and is lively throughout the day and night. Some of the places to see is the cathedral. It’s a great place to go on long walks. The different architecture of the buildings really bring out the beauty of the city. You can find great bars and clubs on any of the side streets. It’s one of the few places in Panama City where you can visit any day of the week and something interesting is going on. You can get a great view of Panama City skyline from Casco Viejo. The Cinta Costera connects to Casco Viejo, so you will find many people walking, jogging, and photographing the area.

Casco Viejo

Avenue (Avenida) Balboa

Avenue Balboa¬† connects the old historical part of Panama City which is Casco Viejo to the new high-rise apartments. There’s a beautiful park area called Cinta Costera which has basketball, bike, and run bath, the statue of Balboa himself facing the ocean. The street runs along the coast. It’s a great place for tourist and locals alike to sit back and enjoy the beauty that is Panama City. Along some of the side streets, are fish markets, street food, and bargain shops.

Avenida Balboa PNA_8253 Casco Viejo overlooking PNACITY

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