First time on Megabus

First time on Megabus


Over the past year  I’ve heard a lot about the Megabus. Most of what I’ve heard were good experiences.  Fast forward a year later and I’m taking the Megabus from New York to Philadelphia for St. Patrick’s day celebration.  Go black Irish.  I’m no where near Irish blood by the way. The Megabus website is easy to use. Log on to choose the city your leaving from and to. Next screen gives you the options of round trip or single ride.  At first glance I noticed that the times leaving early in the morning were cheaper and mid day was more expensive by a few dollars.  I’m talking about a $3-5 dollar differences.  Not bad. Mind you, I’m the type of guy that likes to drive everywhere. I find it more comfortable to use your own vehicle becuase you choose when you want to leave and return. But with gas prices being high, price of tolls, & traffic,aAnd overall not wanting to have to pay for parking in Philadelphia,  I figured it’s time to try out the Megabus. Especially, since it was $24 round trip. Can’t beat that unless you get one of the dollar deals that Megasbus usually offers.

Like most transportation organizations, the date that you book affects the prices that you receive. So book early. Needless to say I missed the first bus to Philly by 3 minutes thanks to the LIRR running late. The nice workers of Megabus allowed me to get on the 1:40pm bus to Philly.  The line was 1/3 of the way full. So make sure you arrive early because that’s what experienced Megabus takers do to get the best seats. Please note that if you miss the bus or decide to take an earlier or later bus, you have to pay $5. As I waited for the bus, I didn’t notice any chaos.  Everything was nice and orderly. One bus comes everyone’s lines up in an orderly fashion and gets on.


When you get on the double decker you will notice the funky colored chairs, lots of isle lights, mini tv’s, power sockets for every seat. Once the bus start moving, a video will come one telling you all the features of the bus and safety tips such as emergency exits. The bus comes with free Wi-Fi which is a plus. If you are going on a long trip load your laptop, tablets, ipods & other mp3’s with a movie, apps, or good books. Overall the seats were comfortable with enough leg room. The Wi-Fi worked twice out of the 2hr ride to philly. Probably do to everyone trying log in at the same time. If you have a 3g/4g phone your should not have a problem with connection as you rise down the highway. As we passed all the stores, skyscrapers,  landscapes, etc it made me glad that I wasn’t driving because I got to enjoy what I was seeing. Overall my first experience on the Megabus was good.  I felt safe, the bus was clean, the passengers were not obnoxious. We didn’t hit traffic and the best part about the trip is that I could take a nap. I would defintely ride on the Megabus again. Well I have to to return home.


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