La Saline beach in Jacmel Haiti

La saline is one of Jacmel’s hidden gems. You won’t find it on any tourist brochure but it’s a favorite among locals for several reasons. Most people will tell you to visit Ti Mouillage or Raymond or Kabik. But La Saline shouldn’t be left out. It’s perfect do to its proximity to the city center. It can take between five to seven minutes on a motor bike to get there. If you feel like going on an adventure and you can walk; it will probably anywhere between thirty to forty-five minutes.

I first heard about La Saline from one of the locals that I befriended over the last month or so. I wanted to relax somewhere nice but I didn’t want to go far. To be honest when he said La saline I wasn’t sure what it was. My friend didn’t really explain it well or at all. He just said to go there and bring a friend. So that’s what I did. I took a friend with me, grabbed the nearest moto taxi and went on an adventure. Off the beaten path I would call it because we went from paved roads to dirt paths! On the way there the taxi driver asked if I wanted to go to the front or the back. Not knowing the difference he explained that the front is where people relax and the back is where people swim. Not knowing which was the front or the back, I chose where people relaxed.

La saline Beach

When we got to the entrance of La saline, the view was beautiful. On the shoulders of the rocks there were beautiful homes, one had a beautiful deck; the colors on the homes were beautiful. There were kids playing, swimming, eating, listening to great music and enjoying their time. I immediately felt lucky that my friend told me about this place and I was able to share that moment with my friend that came along the ride. We got to an area where most of the moto taxis and some cars were stationed and got off.

La Saline Beach in Jacmel

We walked over to this cliff area where we could see out into the ocean and the area that the locals were swimming. The only thing I wish I had were some swimming drunks and something to drink. We decided to sit down and watch everyone else run out into the ocean. Little crabs were crawling near the cliff and the ocean was crashing into the rocks. The sound of the water crashing was beautiful. For a moment, I fell asleep because it was so relaxing.

Jacmel Haiti La Saline Beach

Being at La Saline was one of the best moments of living in Jacmel. It’s a hidden gem that needs to be publicized more. Whenever I return to Jacmel, I will be sure to bring some swimming trunks a few drinks and head out to La Saline.


My Three favorite places in New York City

New York City continues to be the most visited city in the United States. Last year alone, they had Fifty Million visitors and they city has a goal to get that number to Fifty Million visitors. With that being said, it’s hard for tourists to know where to visit. I’ve always found that Pennsylvania station (Penn Station), Union Square, and Times Square would be a great place to start. Each place is unique and adds value to the Manhattan.

Pennsylvania Station (Penn Station)

I find Penn Station to be one of the most fascination places in all of Manhattan. It’s a major transportation site with Long Island Rail Road, New Jersey Transit, and most of the major subway lines. The place is a representation of the city. Penn station is filled with restaurants, bars, deli’s, newsstands, coffee shops, flower shops, police station, and my personal favorite, the entertainers. If you walk towards, the A,B,C subway line heading towards downtown, the corner is usually filled with an entertainer. Someone is either singing, playing an instrument, or typing poetry for a small fee. My other favorite activity is people watching. If you take your time to watch it all unfold, someone is always in a rush to get to the train or on a subway. I am surprised more people don’t get hurt. Even senior citizens and kids join what I call the “Mad dash.” If you are not in a rush, please get out-of-the-way of the mad dashers.

Long Island Railroad

Union Square

I love people watching at Union Square. When you arrive at Union Square, make sure you walk the entire square. Closer to University Place is the Gandhi Statue. The statue is in the same place of the farmers market. You will notice people selling fresh fruits, vegetables, books, hot dogs, and tarot card readings. Unique Square is unique and vibrant. Overlooking the square are banks, restaurants, cafe’s, and shopping centers. What I love to watch is what I deem the Hippie people, they play beautiful music and they are always in a great mood. You can join them in the fun of dancing and singing. People of all ages like to play chess in the square. It’s a great game of strategy and these people play the game well. You will notice people doing tricks with hula-hoops; they sometimes have structured programs for kids, unique posters, and all sorts of activities.

Times Square

Out of the places I’ve been to in New York City, Times Square is my favorite. I try to visit Times Square every time I come to the city. I love the bright lights, the European style seating, the people wearing super hero and Disney character costumes that will pose with you for money. I love watching the people walk through the area for the first time and am just amazed by what they see. In a few seconds you could hear more than ten languages. The place is beautiful. You have street vendors trying to sell merchandise, the artists who paint, or draw, the break dancers, the people with posters asking for money, all add to the character and uniqueness of Times Square. I’ve traveled to many places and no other destination has been able to capture the essence of Times Square.

times square

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my three favorite places in New York City. Find the beauty wherever you go. Let me know of your favorite places in