New Years Eve in Haiti

New Years Eve in Haiti

Vincent and I have been friends for as long as I can remember but new years eve was when I actually  got the chance to see just how much of a great friend he is. I remember that night as if it occurred moments ago. I was sitting on my living room couch just thinking to myself,  “What’s the easiest way I could fall asleep and wake up into the new year of 2013 a new man?”and if my friends knew exactly where the best party’s were.” I was rudely awaken from my brainstorming session by the vibration of my Blackberry. “Hello” I answered and the voice replied “Hey Sten, 2013 is almost here man, what are you doing tonight?” Instantly I was well aware that the caller was my colleague and good friend Vincent. “Nothing much, I was about to call this chick” I lied knowing damn well there was no chick to call. ” Yo lets go to this party at kingston18″ Demanded Vincent. “Kingston 18? Isn’t that in Jamaica? We are in Haiti, man wake up!!” I barked. “No Sten. Matter fact be ready in 15 minutes, I’ll scoop you up” and he hung up.


Haiti and Jamaica are two beautiful countries located in the heart of the Caribbean. The sea, climate, and beauty are some of the key things we have in common. However, the dialect, music, and cuisine are very different. The distance between Haiti and Jamaica is about 120 miles. The heart of Petionville is home to Kingston 18. If the taste buds are craving for some good ole Jamaican cuisine. Kingston 18 is surely the place. After one bite of the tasty mouth watering jerk chicken, I felt as if i was at Nikkita’s, but this was not Montego Bay. Kingston 18 is far more than just a restaurant. The floor space is immaculate, shinning bright with multi color neon lights. It has two comfortably open V.I.P sections overlooking the city of Port Au Prince, several pool tables, and flat screens occupy the wall panels near the spacious bar area. The checkered wall paper paint and graffiti paintings on the wall combined a terrific artistic touch that is pleasing to the eye. The minute you step into this place, one look around is all you need to confirm that you are in yardie town. Jamaican flags are posted on all corners. All of Kingston 18 waiters are mysteriously identical to any eye , surely on the account that they are all young and beautiful, moreover the fact they are all seductively attired in body fitting tights flaunting green, yellow and black of the Jamaican flag. Kingston 18 is  located on the final floor story of the Irish village building. Once inside, be ready to be amazed by the fantastic views of the shooting stars of the breath taking Petionville sky. The speakers are strategically placed all over the place; which forces the music to fill the air, thus the dance floor is never left unattended. “Happy new year man” proclaimed Vincent at the count of zero “Yaaa mon”.  I said in my best bob Marley tone.Irish Village front DSC02469 DSC02472 DSC02473 DSC02474 DSC02476 DSC02477 DSC02479  DSC02482 DSC02483

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