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10 common mistakes people make while on vacation

10 common mistakes people make while on vacation

Next time you plan on traveling, I hope you can avoid these 10 common mistakes people make while on vacation.

Only staying at the resort

Part of the fun of vacationing is of course relaxing and to some people that means sleeping. But remember that you are on vacation. You’re not in your home town or city. Take the time to explore the area. Go on trips that are not part of the resort package. A vacation should be an adventure.

Not having a local number

Having a local number gives you the opportunity to contact people who you meet during your vacation. It reducesĀ  paying international rates for using your phone. Phones that are GSM can be jail broken and used in any country. All you have to do is purchase a sim card and you’re in business.

Not budgeting correctly

The fun part of being on vacation is being able to shop, do excursions, hop from hostel to hostel, or road trips to different parts of the country. Many people make the mistake of spending all their money in the first few days of their trip. The excitement of being somewhere new gets to them and they just purchase everything in sight. Resist the urge to do so. Set a daily spending budget and don’t over spend.

Not trying new stuff

Don’t go on vacation to do the same boring stuff that you would normally do at home. Try eating at local restaurants. Get a feel for the lifestyle at your vacation destination. Leave the fast food back at home and dine out or take cooking lessons. Go hiking, long bike rides, an excursion, deep sea diving, a local club. Don’t be that person that travels somewhere new just to do the same old stuff. Dare to have fun.

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Not having copies of your passport

If you are visiting a foreign country it’s very important that you carry around photo identification. A great idea is to make multiple laminated copies of your passport to carry around. Leave a copy of your travel plan’s with someone back home and inform the U.S Embassy of your travels. Passports are very important so it’s unwise to walk around with the original copy in-case of theft or loss.

Not informing the bank that you will be on vacation

A few days before you actually go on your trip, make sure you contact your bank and let them know exactly the length of your trip and countries you will visit. This allows them the opportunity to monitor your activities for fraud.

Not printing directions to the hotel/hostel/resort

If you are going to a country where the main language is not your own and you are not familiar with the destination, print out directions in that foreign language. This way you won’t spend your time trying to figure out directions or trying to translate.

Failing to appreciate the hard work of the staff at the hotels/hostels/resorts

Remember that while you are on vacation or holiday, there are people working hard to keep you happy. Make sure you appreciate what they do for you. If you are staying at an all-inclusive resort or cruise you can order more food if the meal doesn’t taste right. Relax and have a good time.

Visiting the same place repeatedly

The world is too big to be visiting the same place over and over again. Try someplace new. Life is an adventure. Dare to explore. Instead of taking the same trips to the same resort, go on a safari adventure in a new country. Try not to repeat traveling to the same place, after a while, it becomes boring because you’ve discovered everything.

Failing to bargain

Whether it’s with a food vendor or souvenir shops, don’t be afraid to bargain for the best deals. If it’s the off-season, the vendors are usually trying to make money. It will be to your advantage to get the lowest price possible. Most things are negotiable, don’t be afraid and most of all don’t be afraid to walk away if the deal is not what you expected.

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